Green Lady Lounge

Venue for Authentic Kansas City Jazz

Green Lady is an exclusively Jazz lounge featuring Kansas City Jazz musicians in the rich Kansas City tradition. Free of televisions you can focus on music, atmosphere and conversation.

Green Lady Lounge and Black Dolphin musicians play and perform only their original Kansas City Jazz compositions.  Join us at the clubs to hear this unique music live, or listen to Green Lady Radio.

Allow our respectfully attired but unpretentious staff to serve you and your companions. Please check our Calendar Page for our jazz performance schedule.

OJT - Green Lady Lounge - Kansas City Jazz

Kansas City Jazz has a rich and real history there is no doubt. As important, Kansas City Jazz is alive, thriving and still growing. The sheer number of amazingly talented musicians in Kansas City is beyond comparison... especially for the size of our wonderful city.

Green Lady Lounge is proud and honored to be able to feature live performances by some of the best Jazz musicians in the world.

The walls are painted velvet red and covered with vintage oil paintings. A variety of mid century hanging lamps light the bar . . . just barely. A TV would be very out of place in this elegant, yet casual environment. Entering the Green Lady Lounge is like stepping back in time into a real cocktail lounge, a retro cocktail lounge if you like. The staff is dressed up in suits and ties and cocktail dresses. A hammond B-3 organ and a drum set take up residence on the main floor stage. Having the instruments always in place allows the bands to do their shows with a minimum of disruption to themselves and the patrons.

The lower level of the Green Lady Lounge is known as the Orion Room. This stage features a grand piano and a second house drum set. Chandeliers provide the elegant lighting for this stone basement hideaway. The downstairs stage has more of a theatre presentation while the upstairs stage is in the middle of the guest seating. With two stages, the weekend performances can alternate with almost no time between shows.